Islamic India: The Biggest Holocaust in World History… Whitewashed from History Books

The Muslim Issue

Researching and studying the impact of Islam and jihad on the world, we have come to the conclusion that India today is not living under its own authentic Hindu culture. The country is deeply contaminated by Islam. The Hinduism w see today which has shaped the current day India is basically Islamu rather than Hindu. The problems in the country which has put India on the map of various scaled of human rights violations, with oppression and abuse of women, active human slavery, rape waves, incest, obsessive modesty, and many of the traits found in Islamic culture, is a habit that has remained from Muslim occupation. Prior to Muslim presence in the country history will find that India was a different society. Women were bare chested and the people abided by Hinduism meaning violence was forbidden and they were vegetarian. Although bare chested there appears to be no historic evidence…

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I come from the theater business and work as a writer and company owner for the regional film and tv program in switzerland
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